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Kanagawa University

“Introduction to World Literature”

“Introductory Seminar in World Literature”

“The British Empire in East Asia: Victorian and Neo-Victorian Perspectives”

"Singapore Fiction and Film"

World Literature graduation project supervision

University of Warwick

Teaching Assistant

“Academic Writing” (AY 2018/2019)

"Modes of Reading" (AY 2018/2019)

"The English 19th-Century Novel" (AY 2016/2017)

"Modern World Literatures" (AY 2013/2014, AY 2015/2016)

PG Community Engagement Peer-to-Peer Tutor (AY 2017/2018, AY 2018/2019)

National University of Singapore

Teaching Assistant

"Introduction to Cultural Studies" (AY2010/2011, Semester 1)

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