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The British Empire in East Asia: Victorian and Neo-Victorian Perspectives II
(AY 2023/2024, Semester 2)

Download course syllabus here: Advanced Seminar in World Lit II syllabus.pdf

Week 1. Introduction

Britain and Japan: Friends and Foes

Lecture slides: W1. Introduction (for students).pptx

Week 2. British perspectives: Samurai stories

Reading: extracts from Mitford, Tales of Old Japan

Lecture slides: W2. Mitford samurai (for students).pptx

PDF: Mitford. The 47 Ronins.pdf

Week 3. British perspectives: Old and New Japan

Reading: extracts from Mitford, Tales of Old Japan and Mitford's Japan

Lecture slides: W3. Mitford Old and New Japan.pptx

PDF: Mitford. Note and Civil War.pdf

Week 4. Walking tour of Yokohama historic sites

Saturday 21 October, 9.30AM to approx. 4PM

Lecture slides: W4. Walking tour (with narration).pptx

Week 5. British perspectives: Travel writing

Reading: extracts from Hearn, Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan

Lecture slides: W5. Hearn glimpses of unfamiliar japan.pptx

PDF: Hearn. Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan.pdf

Week 6. British perspectives: Weird tales 

Reading: extracts from Hearn, Kwaidan

Lecture slides: W6. Hearn kwaidan.pptx

PDF: Hearn. Kwaidan.pdf

Week 7. British perspectives: British Aestheticism and Japan

Reading: Paintings by J. M. Whistler

Lecture slides: W7. Whistler paintings.pptx

PDF: W7. Ukiyo-e and Whistler images.pdf

Week 8. British perspectives: British Aestheticism and Japan

Reading: Wilde, "The Decay of Lying"

Lecture slides: W8. Wilde decay of lying.pptx

PDF: Wilde. The Decay of Lying.pdf

Week 9. Japanese responses: The samurai spirit

Reading: extracts from Nitobe, Bushido

Lecture slides: W9. Nitobe bushido.pptx

PDF: Nitobe. Bushido.pdf

Week 10. Japanese responses: Japanese Aesthetics and pan-Asianism

Reading: extracts from Okakura, Ideals of the East

Lecture slides: W10. Okakura ideals of east.pptx

PDF: Okakura. Ideals of the East.pdf

Week 11. Post-imperial responses: Neo-Victorian Britain

Reading: extracts from Toboso, Kuroshitsuji

Lecture slides: W11. Kuroshitsuji.pptx

Week 12. Post-imperial responses: Japan and Korea

Film screening of Park Chan-wook's The Handmaiden

Week 13. Post-imperial responses: Japan and Korea

Reading: Park, The Handmaiden

Lecture slides: 

Week 14. Conclusion

How to engage in comparative analysis of your assignment

Preparing for your Graduation Project

Lecture slides: 

Week 15. Essay due

Assignment instructions: Assignment instructions.pdf

Recommended reading list: Recommended reading list.pdf

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