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Loh, Waiyee.  Empire of Culture: Neo-Victorian Narratives in the Global Creative Economy.  SUNY P, 2024. 

Publisher's website:

Refereed Journal Articles

“Spreading the Word: What Fifty Shades of Grey Means for World Literature.”  C21 Literature 10.2 (2023): 1-24.


“Japanese Tourists in Victorian Britain: Japanese Women and the British Heritage Industry.”  Textual Practice 34.1 (2020): 87-106.

“Japanese Dandies in Victorian Britain: Rewriting Masculinity in Japanese Girls’ Comics.”  Neo-Victorian Studies 11.2 (2019): 40-63.


“Supernatural Monsters and Neo-Victorian Detectives: Capitalism, Rationality, and Affect in Japanese Girls’ Comics.”  Journal of Postcolonial Writing 52.4 (2016): 464-480.

“Superflat and the Postmodern Gothic: Images of Western Modernity in Kuroshitsuji.”  Mechademia 7 (2012): 111-127.

Mass Media and Other Publications

“Fifty Shades of Affective Labour for Capital.”  JSTOR Daily.  ITHAKA, 17 Jan. 2018.  Web.  (Online magazine article)


“China Plates and Japanned Trays: British Encounters with Chinese and Japanese Aesthetics in the Long Nineteenth Century.”  Exchanges: The Warwick Research Journal 5.1 (2017): 106-110.  (Research seminar report)

“Illustrating (the) Victorians in Lady Victorian.”  The Victorianist: BAVS Postgraduates.  British Association of Victorian Studies, 30 Sep. 2016.  Web.  (Blog post)

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