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Introductory Seminar in World Literature
(AY 2023/2024, Semester 2)

Download course syllabus here: Intro Seminar in World Lit syllabus.pdf

Week 1. Introduction

Overview of the academic essay-writing process

Lecture slides: W1. Introduction.pptx

Week 2. Text

Reading: Amy Tan, "Two Kinds"

Lecture slides: W2. Text Two Kinds.pptx

PDF of Tan, "Two Kinds": Tan. Two Kinds.pdf

Week 3. Context

Reading: Min Hyoung Song, "Asian American Literature within and beyond the Immigrant Narrative"

Lecture slides: 

PDF of Min Hyoung Song: song. asian am lit immigrant narrative.pdf

Week 4. Brainstorming

Designing a research question

Lecture slides: W4. Brainstorming.pptx


Research question due

Week 5. Drafting

Beginning to answer your research question

Identifying areas for research

Lecture slides:

Week 6. Doing research

Looking for appropriate sources

Lecture slides: 

Library research skills workshop: 

Recommended reading list.pdf


Bibliography due

Week 7. Doing research

Taking notes

Lecture slides: 


Annotated bibliography due

Week 8. Writing the first draft

The structure of the essay

Lecture slides: 


First draft due

Week 9. Revising the first draft

Students peer-review each other's work

Identifying areas for further research

Lecture slides: 


Peer-review form due

Week 10. Writing the second draft

Doing further research

Lecture slides: 

Second draft due

Week 11. Revising the second draft

My feedback on the second draft

Lecture slides: 

Week 12. Writing the third draft

Student consultations

Lecture slides: 

Third draft due

Week 13. Editing

In-text citations and the list of works cited

Lecture slides: 

Proof-reading the third draft: students peer-review each other's work

Week 14. Conclusion

Lecture slides: 

Submit final essay (fourth version)

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