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Previous Events

China Plates and Japanned Trays: British Encounters with Chinese and Japanese Aesthetics in the Long 19th Century

Research seminar with Dr Jenny Holt (Meiji University). University of Warwick (20 March 2017)

“Japanese Imperialism and Narrative Media in the Long Twentieth Century.”


Panel co-organised with Dr Michael Tsang (University of Newcastle) at the Joint East Asian Studies Conference, University of Edinburgh (4 – 6 September 2019)

Ongoing Projects

Invited participant: “Festival of the Fantastic in Australian and Japanese Arts”
Funding organisation: Australia-Japan Foundation

Project leaders: Dr Lucy Fraser (University of Queensland), Dr Emerald King (University of Tasmania), and Dr Masafumi Monden (University of Sydney)


Invited participant: “Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom” (August 2021 – present)

Development of lesson plans on Victorian studies, Asia, and the Pacific

UVC is a digital humanities project that reimagines how to teach Victorian studies through a positive, race-conscious lens.

Invited participant: Programme committee. “Comparative Empire: Conflict, Competition, Cooperation,” World Congress of the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, Singapore (9 – 22 June 2023)

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